Hello, June


The month of June gives us much to celebrate. The weather is warmer, the garden is flourishing with bright flowers, fruits and vegetables, and the longest day of the year draws nearer. In just four weeks, school will bet let out, and the neighborhood will be full of the squeals of kids running through sprinklers and jumping on trampolines. Such unbridled happiness warms my heart.

I love it when the air is full of summer scents. Meat grilling on coals, peaches ripening on the tree, and just this morning I caught a breeze that was loaded with the clean fragrance of flowering lavender in our front garden. I had to stand there and breathe deeply for awhile. Nature is so luxurious!

Tomorrow morning, the Strawberry Moon is upon us. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this name was bestowed upon the June Full Moon because the Algonquin people knew it to be sign of the coming strawberry harvest. My strawberries must be a bit behind schedule, as they are still tiny little green things. That won’t stop me from basking in the bright light of the 99% full moon tonight! Don’t forget to look up when night falls.

May your month be filled with fresh air, ripe fruit, laughter and beauty!