Rebirth and Renewal

Moomins / Tove Jansson

It’s springtime! The season of rebirth and renewal. A time for new adventures, and the promise of second chances for those waylaid by winter’s melancholy. A time for me to say “hello!” and shake the dust off.

It’s no secret that I’m lousy at blog upkeep. I am constantly writing and working, that’s not the trouble. The truth is, I’m not in love with being online all the time. As much as I love sharing with like-minded souls and vintage mavens on social media and here in this blog, I get over-saturated with it sometimes. There’s only so much hyper-curated, aspirational, “elevated lifestyle” content that a girl can handle before the urge to disconnect entirely sets in, n’est-ce pas? Thus, I’ve been quietly hard at work, looking at ways to take things in another direction. So here’s to springtime, and new beginnings!

Much love…

Out with the Old, In with the New

All the best for a brilliant 2015!A new year is upon us! Even though this day is really no different than the one before it, there is always a feeling of entering a strange new world each January 1st. There’s nothing like a fresh start, and the new year always brings with it hope, excitement and an appetite for positive change.

My resolutions this year are mostly the same things I keep working on all the time. Stay healthy, drink more water, read more, cuss less… but I’m also looking forward to a year of being much better organized, working harder, taking on more creative projects and less rubbish, spoiling myself and the people I love, and just generally making fantastic things happen in all aspects of my life. Nothing too crazy or unattainable, ha!

I’m excited to dive right in! I have lots of great spring vintage to add to my shop next week. Friday is the kickoff of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, which we are doing for the second time (there’s always more to do!). Until then, I’m soaking up every moment with my little goose before she heads back to school on Monday.

Wishing you all the very best for 2015!