Friday / No. 4

1. Taza Chocolate Mexicano   2. Black-capped Chickadee   3. Duolingo   4. Orla Kiely for Target My trusty and beloved laundry bag   5. The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar


Ahhh, January. I’m pretty susceptible to feeling low at this time of year, but I still try to have a good attitude about things. Our little corner of the globe is generally quite cloudy, rainy and dull. The oppressive weather, the cost of living, and scientific fact that only 1 in 247, 548 people don’t wear yoga pants every day… all these things weigh on the soul. Heavily.

With that feel-good sentiment out of the way, what things kept me going this week?

I did a fair bit of buying for the shop over the past few days, which is always fun. I’m leaning towards brighter colors and lighter fabrics in the hope that spring will be showing it’s darling face soon. There are signs that it’s coming! The other morning, I heard a little bird that I haven’t heard for months. It makes a funny sound, almost like it’s teasing you. Like Nelson, from the Simpson’s going, “ha-ha“. As a child, I hated it, because it woke me up early during the summer. Now, the little bird’s chirps let me know that the sun is on its way back to us, and I love it! So, I just googled, “bird that sounds like nelson from the simpsons” and there are lots of results. Turns out my petit oiseau is a black-capped chickadee. Bless you, internet.

With so much new product to mend and clean, not to mention the ridiculous amount of laundry our household produces, it’s necessary for me to make the whole process fun. Well, it doesn’t have to be fun, but there’s no need for misery either. For starters, I use laundry products that smell amazing. The Laundress is my go-to, and their Wash & Stain Bar is a pleasure to use. It works quite well, and the scent is so clean and enlivening,  I can go through a pile of stained garments and feel disappointed at the end when I’m done. That may be a reflection on how exciting I am, but I think it’s really a testament to the product.

Another trick I have for trying to beat the blues, is to learn something. Anything. I’ve dabbled with Codecademy, taken EDX courses, and attempted to master any number of culinary skills. Not everything you try is going to be something you love, but at the very least it’ll give you something to do other than lay around in your pajamas, reading Goodbye Mog and crying into a bag of chips. Without a doubt my favorite educational pastime is learning languages. There are a number of great online resources for language, but my favorite is probably Duolingo. I think if you want to get really serious about becoming fluent, then you need to explore multiple avenues and expose yourself to the language in different ways, but Duolingo is so easy to use, and is a great tool. I’ve been playing with it a bit this week. When I look out the window and see that it’s still overcast (like my heart) I can distract myself with a quick lesson, and boom! Instant pick-me-up.

And when all else fails, there is chocolate. Mexican Hot Chocolate. It’s good for you.