Rebirth and Renewal

Moomins / Tove Jansson

It’s springtime! The season of rebirth and renewal. A time for new adventures, and the promise of second chances for those waylaid by winter’s melancholy. A time for me to say “hello!” and shake the dust off.

It’s no secret that I’m lousy at blog upkeep. I am constantly writing and working, that’s not the trouble. The truth is, I’m not in love with being online all the time. As much as I love sharing with like-minded souls and vintage mavens on social media and here in this blog, I get over-saturated with it sometimes. There’s only so much hyper-curated, aspirational, “elevated lifestyle” content that a girl can handle before the urge to disconnect entirely sets in, n’est-ce pas? Thus, I’ve been quietly hard at work, looking at ways to take things in another direction. So here’s to springtime, and new beginnings!

Much love…